Crafts Exhibition at Kalyani Nagar – 19 October to 11 November


The Mulik Palace open ground hosts yet another exhibition - The Sahara Arts and Crafts Exhibition.

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Microwave Radiation from Cell Phones, Transmission Towers and Common Household Equipment - How Do You Know What Exposure Levels Are Safe?


If you trust government standards, then the levels emitted by nearly all Power Lines, Wi-Fi, Microwave Ovens, Cell Phones and RF towers are defined as ‘safe’. However, most of these standards ignored the objections of informed but dissenting scientific opinion - with the result one finds tremendous differences in laws regulating exposure levels from one nation to another.

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Wikipedia entry on Kalyani Nagar

(This is just a test piece to check the site's blogging capability). The following has been copied verbatim from the wikipedia entry for Kalyani Nagar : Kalyani Nagar is a neighbourhood located in the eastern region of Pune, India.
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