Minutes of the meeting organised by corporator Karne Guruji with PMC officials and engineers



Dear All,

In conjunction with the Agenda as posted by Anu last evening, the said meeting kicked off promptly as scheduled. It was hosted by Karne Guruji, in the presence of Area Corporators, KNRA leadership, representatives from various Societies, concerned citizens, a battery of Project Engineers, Contractors, PMC Engineers and their Assistants. Details and modalities of two major projects were presented for discussion.

1. The laying of MNGL piped gas pipeline.

2. Concretization of two arterial avenues in Kalyani Nagar.

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Notice of meeting organised by corporator Karne Guruji with PMC officials



Hi Friends:


Our Corporator Mr. Karne Guruji has organized a meeting with the PMC officials who will explain the details of the Concretization of 2 Arterial Roads in Kalyani Nagar.

1) Central Avenue to Gold Adlab Junction

2) East Avenue from Agha Khan Bridge to Ramvadi Subway.

They will also give THE details of level of THE roads to be maintained to the societies herein. It’s better to attend and listen to them than later being dissatisfied.

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Gayatri Ketharaman Is National Winner of Doodle for Google!

Kalyani Nagar girl Gayatri Ketharaman wins prestigious Google Doodle contest – puts Kalyani Nagar on world map.

Doodle 4 Google India 2013 - Celebrating Indian Women

National Winner

Kalyani Nagar Residents Oppose Concretization on South Avenue


Over the past couple of months, the PMC has undertaken the concretization of South Avenue, and work has been progressing rapidly on one half of the stretch, towards the river side. About a month ago, Satish Khot, President NSCC, had written a letter to the Pune Municipal Commissioner, questioning the rationale for raising the road height by about 2 feet and raising concerns about its impact on societies along the road, especially with regards to water logging during monsoons. 

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