Piped gas


By Robin Azavedo

Piped gas, has left me with more questions than answers.

Q How do you get a new connection.
Register through a duly filled and signed application form.
You will need to pay an interest free refundable security deposit of 5000 rs towards a PNG connection.
In addition to this, rs 500 as an interest free, refundable security deposit, towards consumption of gas. 500 rs non refundable amount towards application fee.

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Residents are warned to be vigilant


Soli Pudumjee
(Col. S.K.Pudumjee)

There are a group of car thieves operating out of Chandan Nagar and within a matter of hours the car is stolen and taken out of the State and lost sight of. It is time consuming in any case for the owner to realise his loss - to lodge a FIR with the police and follow the time consuming procedure - by that time the car has been taken out of the State.

We have lost one car in this way and it was taken out in the night out of our compound!!

The police are still investigating!!

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Garbage crisis may render Pune’s ‘Smart City’ ambitions a dream


By Shoumojit Banerjee

Two villages outside Pune are the centre of an urban battle: man versus rubbish.

Two decades ago, the fields were verdant, the dawns were quiet, and for residents of the twin villages of Uruli Devachi and Phursungi, barely 20 km outside Pune, a fight for clean air seemed absurd.

Today, a glance at the pyramid-like mounds of unprocessed, overflowing garbage near the two villages has become visual shorthand for the city’s chimerical dream to transform itself into a ‘Smart City’ by the end of 2016.


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KNRA, Citizens, students pledge to follow traffic rules


About 100 members of KNRA and students of the Naarwala school participated in a rally on 21st January to mark the Road Safety Week

The rally was organised by the Yerwada Traffic police and the KNRA traffic group.They help placards and raised slogans about the need for following traffic rules.

School students were included to groom them as change agents in their family and circle of friends.

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