Pollution Containment

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We in Kalyani Nagar have to be constantly concerned with the growing levels of Pollution in Pune and particularly in our area to safeguard the quality of our lives. I have been in the Pollution Containment Profession for over 50 years, having worked in Sweden on Water Management; Australia, India, Middle East and the USA on Industrial Pollution and Safety, Waste Management, Renewable Energy and recently on the latest of perceived future threats namely Electro Magnetic Radiation not only from Cell Towers but also at home especially from incorrect use or lack of precautions related to the use of cell phones, TV viewing, and faulty appliances like microwave ovens. I am suitably qualified having completed my Bachelors degree in Chemistry from St. Stephen's college, Delhi, Engineering (Chemical and Electrical from Strathclyde University) and am an elected Member of the Institution of Engineers (UK) as well as a Chartered Engineer registered in UK. Other exposure includes the Advanced Management Course from IMEDE, Lausanne and was accepted as a Registered Organization Development Consultant (RODC) after being examined and certified by the OD Institute in Cleveland Ohio. I was Management Advisor to The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, for 17 years during which tenure, conducted studies related to City Management, developing alternative sources of Renewable Energy, Pollution Containment including handling issues arising from the huge Iranian Spill during the Iranian War - predicted (successfully) expected levels and location of anticipated pollution, made suggestions regarding containment, and protection of sea-front power and water distillation plants and assisted in implementation. Was also Advisor to the Canadian Colleges of Technology, set up in the UAE, and assisted them in defining the needs of local students in the pursuit of studies related to Electronics and other Technical disciplines. Other international assignments include assisting Nitro Nobel design a special Mixer for Explosive Gelatin and advising a US-based Telecom Company. Have conducted over 50 Seminars and participated in scores of Audits related to my Profession. Have recently participated in exercises along with IDEA Cellular in evaluating threats of EMR in our area and would like to share the findings with fellow members of KNRA at the convenience of the Managing Committee.