Foothpath Drive

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By Shabnam Fazel

This evening our footpath drive turned into a traffic drive. We had wanted to talk to pedestrians but ended up talking to 2 wheeler riders, auto rickshaw drivers and car drivers to stop them coming onto the footpath. The traffic was horrific as it was peak time. There was no where for people to walk because motorists were in such a hurry to get ahead of each other that they didnt even notice they were driving on the footpath.

With all the mayhem we still managed to talk to shop owners and ask them to request their customers not to park on the footpath but on their shop parking area. They were very co operative and agreed to maintain clear footpaths. They were also told about cloth bags and one shop owner also bought cloth bags frm the team.

Greenery that was encroaching on the footpath was also addressed and a positive result was recieved.

The tuition classes that take place in the two societies on that parade were also called and were told to provide parking for the 2 wheelers that block the full length of the footpath. This was also recieved in a positive manner and both educational establishments have agreed to try and keep the footpath clear of 2 wheelers.

A large low loader parked on Shastri Chowk as you turn the corner from Sanjay Hyundai has been causing chaos for the past few days. We have taken pictures and they will be forwarded to the traffic police. It is a danger to motorists as in the dark, it can not be seen. It is also a danger to pedestrians as it is blocking the footpath for people who cross at the signal.

Thank you to all team members who attended today. Your participation was appreciated by the people we did get to speak to.

Todays team: Anuji, Maya, Vinay, Vaishali, Sneha, Urwashi and myself.