Conserve water to ensure a trouble free future

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Yes, we are running out of water. More testing times lie ahead of us and we should get together in conserving water to ensure a trouble free future.

As the Managing Committee we have decided to reduce water consumption at Society Level by following the following water saving means:

  1. Instructing your maids to reduce water use (all would agree that most of the water is wasted by their maids)

  2. Instructing your driver (or person who washes your vehicle) to use only half a bucket of water to wash your cars and on alternate days only

  3. Regularize and use water wisely

  4. Have your leaking taps repaired

  5. Report any leaks / leakages in the Society

  6. Do not leave the tap on while brushing /shaving / bathing

  7. Use buckets for bathing rather than showers

  8. Do not wash your terraces everyday

  9. Reuse water whenever or wherever possible

These are just a few guidelines. You are most welcome to suggest any more means that would help saving water.

We hope that all the members would positively co-operate in conserving water.


Team KNRA.