About KNRA

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Kalyani Nagar Residents Association (KNRA) is the final culmination of the erstwhile Mohalla committee established way back in 1982 to foster social harmony, bring improvement in civic amenities and further the cause of a clean and green Pune, in co-ordination with the elected representatives and officers of the Pune Municipal Corporation. Kalyani Nagar Residents Association is registered  under societies Registration No. MH-665-99/ Pune dt 3.7.1999; also registered under Bombay Public Trust Act, Charitable Trust Registration No. F-16277 Pune dt. 2.9.1999.

The objectives of KNRA have been to bring the residents together in community spirit, improve quality of life within Kalyani Nagar, and make it among the best places to live in Pune. It is with the help of KNRA that the local authorities are able to maintain and provide the best to the residents of Kalyani Nagar.

KNRA VISION: A clean, green, peaceful, harmonious and safe environment for all the residents of Kalyani Nagar.


KNRA MISSION: To continue working relentlessly with all the stakeholders to make Kalyani Nagar an enviable residential locality with unparalleled quality of life.